What is Management Consulting?

Management consulting is a profession that entails analyzing an organization’s current processes and structures. A critical component of management consulting is making recommendations for improvements and change, based on analysis and the organization’s objectives. For example, an organization’s leaders can reduce turnover and increase employee engagement. Those objectives would drive the purpose behind the consultant’s analysis. The analysis will focus on what is causing high turnover in the organization and the environmental factors that are causing low engagement levels. David Johnson Cane Bay is a management consultant, experienced in call centers, information technology, managing risk, and marketing.


Organizations usually hire management consultants because an outside perspective is necessary. Often, leaders within an organization are able to identify a problem exists, but are too close to the problem to be objective about its existence and its solution. Management consultants can bring an unbiased perspective and expertise that internal leaders do not possess. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed in addition to an internal one. Outside skill sets can be more well-rounded and based on tangible results from related case studies.


Management consultants can provide recommendations, but it is up to an organization’s leaders to implement those suggestions. The main benefits of hiring an outside consultant include a fresh perspective and tangible steps for improving and mitigating internal problems. Consultants can also suggest new processes and methods, which can result in leaner operations, higher revenues, and higher levels of job satisfaction. Leaders can learn how to best implement solutions they’ve thought of before, but have not been able to mobilize the resources they needed to accomplish the implementation.

The main functions of management consultants are to conduct an analysis of why roadblocks exist in organizations and provide recommendations on how to overcome them. A consultant’s analysis is correlated with the goals of an organization’s leaders, whether those goals are limited to a single department, a single issue, or the organization in its entirety. Management consultants work independently and usually perform work for multiple organizations, sometimes in specific industries or with specific challenges. Some consultants can specialize in retail sales organizations, while others focus on solving issues with talent acquisition and retention.

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